Teeth Whitening

Many people are no longer satisfied with yellow teeth, in fact, 48% of UK 18-24 years olds say they want whiter teeth. If the shape and position of your teeth is good, and you simply want whiter teeth, then professional teeth whitening could be the treatment of choice.

We are a Leading UK Practice in cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening.


At Andrea Ubhi Dentistry we provide professional whitening treatment carried out over a 2-4 week period at home by you. Custom made trays are made, then gel is placed into these trays and the teeth gradually whiten every time that the treatment is done. We use the Boutique Whitening system and were named their Leading Provider in the UK last year.

You also have the option to whiten your fillings and change the colour of existing crowns and restorations. Discoloured or old fillings are replaced by modern tooth coloured filling materials resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing finish. Existing crowns can be colour-matched to the newly whitened enamel on your adjacent teeth.

However when the colour, and the shape or position wants to be changed, then other cosmetic dentistry treatments may be required, such as orthodontics, composite bonding and dental veneers.  These treatments can solve all these issues, and can be fully discussed at a free consultation.

As the teeth whitening industry continues to grow at a rapid rate we are seeing an increase in the number of problems reported as a result of illegal whitening boutiques and treatments. For advice on spotting and avoiding these illegal treatments you can visit our blog.


Teeth whitening £350. For a free consultation call 01904 639 667.

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