I need a single tooth replacing

Having a missing tooth can be difficult to live with. It can be awkward eating properly without the tooth or with a denture in place. Over time, the teeth around the missing tooth may start to drift, and this can cause spaces and difficulty biting, leading to further treatment and cost.  A dental implant is great way to solve these problems permanently and securely.

Where there is a single missing tooth, you simply need single implant to replace it. This is a precision-made, hard wearing, titanium tooth root. An extension called an abutment is fixed to the implant and a custom-made crown is fitted over it. The crown is uniquely crafted to match the colour and contours of your other teeth. We use super strong Roxolid Straumann implants which are stronger and shorter, and can therefore be placed if the bone has reduced over time. They have a lifetime guarantee.



The Planning Process

The Implant Placement Process

Our Highly Experienced Surgeon, Dr. Adam Glassford


"I Can Bite An Apple Now!"

“I’d originally had a false tooth put on the front tooth there, it had gone black. So the dentist at the time put a false crown over the top, but it kept coming off.  So the dentist referred me to this practice for a dental implant to be done.  It was a good experience, completely different to what I had thought, less painful.  I thought there would be more involved.  It was brilliant. I just had local anaesthetic. It wasn’t sore at all. Absolutely straight forward. I can bite an apple now, whereas I would have never done that before as it would have broken off.”


Costs for a single tooth start at £2,708. 

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