Dental anxiety, or phobia, is a serious condition that affects a large percentage of the population. Many people are so fearful or anxious about visiting the dentist that they let their oral health suffer as a result. Many dentists report that anxious patients often have problems with their gums, with infection and chronic gum disease being commonplace amongst anxious patients. It is important to see a dentist regularly so that they can assess and deal with problems before they worsen and become irreversible (gum disease), painful (dental abscesses) or expensive! With modern dentistry, there are many techniques and methods to help overcome your anxieties and make your dental experience comfortable- and even enjoyable!

About Dental IV Sedation

We can use a drug called midazolam which very quickly puts you at ease and many people will fall asleep during treatment. Most people will have no memory of the treatment session. Unlike general anaesthetics, IV sedation has no ‘hangover’ effect or feeling of nausea; in fact, it feels very pleasant afterwards. Sedation can be used for any dental treatment, and we commonly use it for dental implant placement procedures.

If you are having IV sedation, you will need to arrange to have a responsible adult attend the appointment with you and take you home afterwards. You are unable to drive for 24 hours or carry out dangerous tasks that require concentration.

Further information about sedation will be given at your consultation. IV sedation is from £400 per session. See our consent form for further information.

Your Highly Experienced Clinician - Dr. Adam Glassford

Our Sedation Team fully understands how you may be feeling about dental treatment. We know that IV sedation is a way that any patient can have their anxiety, fear, and memory of a dental procedure removed, allowing even the most anxious individual to receive the care they deserve.

Dr. Adam Glassford BChD Dip Con Sed (Ncle) Dip Imp Dent RCS Eng (adv cert) MFGDP(UK) leads our team of sedation dentists. Adam is highly experienced in providing sedation for patients, and uses these techniques for dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and oral surgery. Adam lectures nationally on the subject of dental anxiety and sedation, training other dentists in IV sedation (intravenous midazolam conscious sedation). To date, he has carried out over 1500 IV sedation treatments and has trained over 500 dentists in this technique.