Beautiful Straight Teeth at Every Age

Braces are one of our most popular treatments as almost everyone has a little (or big) something that they would like to change about their teeth.  Braces can move teeth that are spaced, crowded or in completely the wrong place, and align them into a beautiful, straight, healthy and correctly functioning position.

After treatment, teeth cleaning improves, reducing the risk of gum disease and decay in later life. Also the bite often significantly improves and can be a treatment for joint pain, clicking symptoms and migraines.

And most importantly, patients say they smile more when their teeth are straight!


Beautiful with Braces at Any Age

Specialist Dr Remo Costi - An International Clinician

Adjunct Professor and Specialist Remo Costi has an international reputation as an outstanding, world-class specialist in orthodontics. He has exceptional clinical skills and is trained in every major brace technique, including metal, ceramic, lingual and clear aligners. Dr Remo Costi Remo has an international reputation as a world-class clinician.  He has a high code of ethics and professionalism, and lectures internationally. Remo advocates providing the best clinical treatment for each patient at each visit, no exceptions, every time.
 When you trust Dr Costi with your teeth straightening and follow his advice, your teeth will be in a beautiful and stable position, functioning in harmony for the rest of your life.


A Choice For Everyone


Effective and trendy, metal braces are a great option! 

From £1,400



Popular ceramic brackets are tooth coloured and placed on the front surface of the teeth.

From £1,500


Secret and hidden lingual brackets are fitted behind the teeth.

From £3,200


Clear Aligners

Invisalign custom-made aligners are worn 20 hours a day.

From £1995


Clinical Cases by Dr Remo Costi