Oral Surgery

Patients referred for oral surgery will be under the care of Dr Adam Glassford, who is highly experienced in all aspects of oral surgery and can also provide treatment under intravenous sedation if required.

Common procedures carried out include:

  • Difficult or complicated tooth extractions
  • Wisdom tooth removal (impacted and simple)
  • Removal of fractured or buried tooth fragments
  • Dental cyst removal
  • Removal of impacted ectopic or supernumerary tooth

What happens when you refer? 

Following an initial free consultation with Dr Glassford, a series of radiographs and digital imaging may be required to assess the position of the root or tooth to be removed and the status of the adjacent teeth and bone. Extraction is usually a minor procedure and is usually performed with minimal discomfort under local anaesthetic, with the option of sedation. 

We will provide your patient with post-operative after-care, advice and access to our emergency out-of-office care.  

If you would like to refer a patient for oral surgery, please click here.