Case 4: One Implant, Some Cosmetic Crowns and a Veneer

By Dr Adam Glassford

Before Treatment

The before pictures here show a slightly crowded upper jaw and missing adult canine teeth.


The upper right central incisor tooth was fractured and needed to be removed.

An implant was to be placed.


The after pictures here show how the misshapen teeth have been transformed with natural looking crowns and veneers.

The upper right central incisor was replaced with a single tooth implant, zirconia abutment and matching cosmetic crown.

Important points to note here are the zeniths of the central incisor teeth which match each other perfectly. This can be very hard to achieve when a natural tooth is next to an implant.


The shade and characteristics were deliberately chosen by the patient to reflect a natural look.

The patient was particularly keen to avoid a false or overly white result.