Repacing a Single Upper Incisor

By Dr Adam Glassford

After Implant Placement and with the Abutment in Position

This missing single lateral incisor was replaced with a dental implant and restored with a zirconia (white colour) cad-cam abutment and single cosmetic ceramic crown. There are two options of abument: titanium (silver colour) and zirconia (white colour). Where the crown is thin and in the aesthetic zone, such as for an incisor, the aesthetics are improved when the zirconia abutment is used to give translucency through the final restoration.

After Completion of the Crown

Natural shades and characteristics were incorporated into the crown to blend with the untouched adjacent teeth.

If you look closely you can see many gradations of shade within even just a single crown. Natural teeth have these features so we strive to copy them in our cosmetic restorations.



Particular attention was paid to replicating the natural height and contour of the gum. If not done properly, gum levels can rise on implants and fail to match the adjacent teeth.  The gum level is always placed at the correct height where possible.