Nose fillers are a series of small injections of premium hyaluronic acid filler gel which are carefully placed into the soft tissue in the nose to shape, straighten and contour.

You are in safe hands with one of the leading Facial Aestheticians in the UK, Dr Amy Robbins. 

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is from £395.

"My friends said how well I looked. What they didn't know was that I had been to see Dr Amy." Ruth from York. 

Clinical Cases: Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Case 1 - BEFORE

Case 1 - AFTER

Case 2 - BEFORE

Case 2 - AFTER

Case 3 - BEFORE

Case 3 - AFTER

Case 4 - BEFORE

Case 4 - AFTER

Case 5 - BEFORE

Case 5 - AFTER

Case 6 - BEFORE

Case 6 - AFTER

Non-surgical rhinoplasties aim to:

  • Smooth out bumps and uneven contours
  • Improve nose profile and chin projection for optimal symmetry
  • Restructure the shape of the nostrils
  • Treat a ‘hooked nose’
  • Maintain a natural look

There is minimal downtime / side effects and can be combined with Anti-Ageing Injectables /Lip Fillers for a more striking look

Treatment can be an ideal solution if you are unhappy with the shape of your nose and do not want to undergo invasive surgery.

If you have a bump on the bridge of the nose, filler is injected above and below the bump to make the nose look straighter and the bump less noticeable. A common issue is a ‘hooked nose’ which can be treated by injecting filler into the tip of the nose, giving you a lifted appearance.

Dr Amy Robbins BDS MJDF RCS(Eng) PGCert (MedEd) Advanced Clinical Aesthetician

Dr Amy Robbins is an exceptional facial aesthetician, who takes referrals from clinicians from across the North of England.

Amy is in a unique position of having medically trained as a dentist, studying the anatomy of the head and neck since 2003.

As well as being a dentist, Amy is qualified and experienced in facial aesthetic treatments in which she has gained Save Face accreditation. Save Face is an independent and impartial accreditation scheme for medical professionals which ensures that every treatment is done to the highest standards of safety and quality as well as give peace of mind to each patient that they are in safe hands.

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"I wouldn't put my face in any other clinician's hands now that I know what Dr Amy can do. She is exceptional and a leading Aesthetician in the UK." 

Dr Andrea Ubhi 

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