York Dentist Andrea Ubhi supporting earthquake victims in Nepal

June 10, 2015

Award winning York Cosmetic Dentist Andrea Ubhi, is helping victims of the recent earthquake in Nepal by raising money for them to buy essential supplies and to help them to rebuild their lives. Andrea recently returned from Nepal where she has been working with the charity Asha Nepal, which helps young women and children affected by sex trafficking.

Asha Nepal helps the girls by providing a safe place to live and a school education so they can learn to how to safely re-enter society. Eighty one girls were living at the Asha Nepal Shelter when the earthquake struck on Saturday evening. 

Andrea Ubhi, Owner of Andrea Ubhi Cosmetic Dentistry said: “Thankfully the children that Asha Nepal cares for and all the staff are fine, but really shaken and scared. During the earthquake, one of the four residential Asha homes was badly damaged and so the nine girls that lived there are staying temporarily in the other homes. They are unable to return back to this home and we are now looking at getting them new accommodation.

For several days the children and residential team had to sleep outside due to many aftershocks and fear that the buildings would fall down on them. It rained. However last night they slept inside on the ground floors, however there are still aftershocks and they have to run outside every time, which is creating stress and panic.

The water tank has been damaged, so a new one will need to be bought and fitted to collect rainwater. There is ban on showers to conserve the water for drinking. Sewage is a problem as the sewers are broken, so there is an increased risk of disease. At the moment the children are well, but the risk of disease is growing significantly.

Many relatives of the girls are not so fortunate and the local community is not as well off, with food, water and shelter an issue and one of the Asha team has been unable to get back to her home so she is being housed temporarily in a local college, as there are too many corpses on the streets for her to return home. Asha Nepal is housing people that have no shelter, feeding and giving water. “

Andrea was working with the Nepali team of Asha Nepal doing management, appraisals and strategy planning. They are looking at finding the girls who have been tricked into being trafficked, having been in past years taken to Indian brothels, now they are being taken to places such as Korea, Middle East and Europe.  They were planning to open a new foster home for children affected by trafficking, affected by both domestic labour and sex trafficking and to start an a Anti-Trafficking Campaign in schools to teach children how to save themselves form the traffickers tricks that they use to lure girls away from their homes and into the sex trade.

Andrea Ubhi continued: “The earthquake means that food and shelter are now the main priority and so Asha Nepal needs money for basics like water and food, especially with prices are rising due to scarcity. The next stage will be rebuilding their lives and replacing basics like clothes, bedding, basic furniture, and rebuilding the properties. Normality is months and years away.  Even more worrying, the risk of trafficking is rising as traffickers take misplaced girls and orphans away, so our work is ever more important both to protect the girls in our care and other girls who need help because they even more vulnerable since the earthquake.”

If you would like to help please donate at: http://mydonate.bt.com/events/earthquakeappeal/224463

or visit www.asha-nepal.org.