Which brace is best? Our overview of fixed braces.

July 25, 2016

Braces can be used to solve a number of problems such as overcrowding, tilted or twisted teeth, uneven gum lines and narrow smiles.

The level of work needed to straighten your teeth will determine what type of brace needs fitting and how long the treatment will take. If your teeth are very overcrowded or misaligned then more complex treatment may be necessary and as such, treatment may take longer. If your teeth are only slightly misaligned or you only need work on the front 6-8 teeth, straightening could take a matter of weeks.

Complex overcrowding and misalignment issues can be solved with the more recognisable ceramic or metal ‘train-track’ braces which are fitted to the front of teeth. We can use traditional metal brackets however more commonly we use clear brackets making the braces less noticeable.

Even celebs have carried off the metal brace look. Singer Gwen Stefani had metal braces fitted to straighten her smile.


Actor Tom Cruise had ceramic brackets and benefited from teeth straightening treatment.


Some patients are concerned about the aesthetics of orthodontic work. In these cases Incognito braces may be the chosen treatment. These braces work similarly to the traditional ‘train-track’ braces BUT are fitted to the backs of the teeth, not the front. Incognito braces are a favourite of our Orthodontic Specialist Dr Remo Costi, as the teeth movements are more predictable with this kind of brace and his patients love them. The brackets for Incognito braces are custom made using computer technology, being made specifically for your teeth for maximum comfort. Incognito braces are one of the most aesthetic of orthodontic treatments and allow you to continue in your daily life with barely anyone knowing you are having treatment.

This is how many celebrities have achieved straighter teeth without visible braces, such as Mylene Klass and Kate Middleton was rumoured to have Incognito too.

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