We've Made History!

May 25, 2018

We Have Won Again!

We have just won National Team of the Year at the 2018 Dental Awards - making history, as we are the first team in the history of the awards to have won for three consecutive years!

Dr Andrea Ubhi says:

"Let me try to explain just how much our team has grown together. 

We have grown further and deeper together in competence, humility and professionalism, creating such a powerful cohesive force for the sole aim of giving patients the highest quality of dental care and customer service. I am going to try my best and convey this, but really, I need you to come, visit us and experience it for yourself!

Over the last 12 months, we have stepped up again to another level as a team, growing together with 100% passion and commitment for the team itself, our values, our patients and for dentistry as a whole.

At the heart of our Visionary Team Culture are five core key team values and three essential practice values that influence every decision that we make from recruitment, training, customer service to delivery of clinical care.

We are delivering passionate clinical service with highly skilled clinicians and giving the patients a personalised patient experience. We have strived this past year to increase the clarity of patient information, so that it is consistently delivered by the whole team and have worked harder on our online, print and personal communication.

This has been another year of significant growth with this fast-paced team, requiring intensive team building and comprehensive team training, and we have stepped up to that.   And the results of our teamwork have been another year of outstanding growth in 2017.

Our charity commitment has been focussed and in 2017 we have funded the rebuilding of an earthquake victim’s home in Nepal; funded an HIV trafficking survivor’s son through University studying business; and funded a new community centre project in Kathmandu to provide counselling, support, healthcare and childcare facilities to trafficking survivors/their children or those at high risk, with the aim of supporting them in their communities."