We knew it already, but now it's official!

January 12, 2017

Private Dentistry Awards Finalist

At the Private Dentistry Awards in December 2016 Dr Andrea Ubhi was named as national ‘Employer of the Year, 2016!’ 

Here is what the judges had to say about Andrea and why she deservingly won this amazing award:

“This entry gave lots of detail on the positive atmosphere of the practice. There was evidence of career progression, how the team learned through their failures and the impact of appraisals. It is clear from the length of service of some of her employees that the practice is a harmonious, enjoyable and satisfying place to work.” 

The judges were also impressed with the fact that Andrea gives approximately 10% of the practice profits to charity.

Andrea Ubhi

Andrea is an inspirational employer, who is forward thinking and has a clear strategy and vision, cares deeply for her employees and sincerely wants the best for our patients, our practice and her team.

Andrea constantly challenges the team to grow and improve and do more for our patients. Patient comfort and satisfaction is always at the front of her thoughts and she is always looking for ways that we can do more for our patients, from improving the practice design to make our waiting lounges more comfortable, to informative treatment leaflets.


We’re thrilled that the positive atmosphere we feel during our working day is noticeable to those around us, and hope it makes you, our patients, feel positive during your visits!