Unsure how you can maintain good dental hygiene? Hygienist Jennie Scott tells you how.

July 11, 2016

Research has found that 1 in 10 UK adults admit that they regularly forget to brush their teeth. Here, Andrea Ubhi Dentistry hygienist, Jennie Scott, answers a few questions to help you improve your dental hygiene and oral health.

Why do you think so many people forget to brush regularly?

People lead very busy lives which often means that brushing and oral care gets pushed to one side and forgotten about. Most people tend to forget the nightly brush because they’re too tired and simply want to get to bed.

It’s important to try and fit brushing in to your daily routine to fit with your lifestyle. If you often find you are too tired to brush your teeth just before bed, try brushing your teeth after eating your last meal of the day. But if you do decide to brush after your last meal make sure you don’t eat anything else that evening and only drink water until the next brush.


Does missing just one routine really have that much of an effect?

Plaque can start to build very quickly if regular and effective brushing isn’t carried out. When plaque builds up around the gum line many people may experience bleeding from the gums when they brush their teeth.

When this happens most people back off from the area and brush it less, the way you would leave a cut anywhere else on your body to heal. The mouth is very different however and if you find your gums are bleeding it usually means that the bleeding area is in need of attention. Don’t be put off by the bleeding, make sure you care for the area, keeping it clean and arrange to visit a hygienist if the problem persists.


Why is Dental Hygiene and Oral health so important?

Prevention is always easier than the cure. If you care for your teeth and have good oral hygiene, then your teeth will remain healthier for longer. Poor dental hygiene can cause a build-up pf plaque which may eventually lead to problems such as gum disease.

Teeth are so important. We use them to eat, smile and talk and missing teeth can make us look aged. I recommend that you treat your oral hygiene the same way you would any beauty maintenance routine and make sure you visit a hygienist as a regular part of your lifestyle.


How often do you recommend people visit a hygienist?

It really depends on the state of your oral hygiene. If your oral hygiene is poorer then I’d recommend seeing a hygienist every three months, if your hygiene is better than you can make this visits once every six months, as you would your usual dental check-up.


Is there a right and a wrong way to clean your teeth?


Make sure you angle the brush towards the teeth and gums, bushing along the teeth and gum line. Take care not to be too heavy handed with your brushing.

Hygiene appointments with Jennie Scott are available at our practice on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the price of £65. No registration necessary. Call 01904 639667 to arrange your hygiene appointment.