Thinking of making the move to private dentistry? A few facts and statistics to help you make up your mind.

November 2, 2016

Many people assume that going to a private dentist just means you’ll pay more for your treatment. But it isn’t that simple. Going private may mean you get an increased quality of service and treatment, with more options of treatments available to you that are not available on the NHS. 

A government analysis conducted in September of last year revealed that private dentists are often more motivated than NHS dentists.  The study analysed levels of morale and motivation in relation to a number of factors, including weekly pay, annual leave and division of time between clinical and non-clinical work and private dentistry. The results showed that those who do more private work were more motivated than those who do mainly NHS treatments. 


While private dentistry may be pricier than dental work carried out on the NHS, there are a few very good reasons for the higher cost. 


Private dentists can often offer a wider range of treatments, giving you far more choice in making your treatment decisions.  Private dentists can offer a range of treatments that simply aren’t available on the NHS, such as tooth whitening and fixed dental implants, meaning private dentistry could be a better way to restore your smile to its originally beauty in the long term.

The higher cost of private dental treatments often reflects the quality of equipment and materials used in your treatment. Though NHS dentistry is often cheaper, private dentists may have more funding, and so are less restricted with purchasing and can use state of the art technologies such as digital smile designs, computerized imaging, CT scanners for precision planning and intra-oral cameras. 


With private dentistry you may also find that your treatment can be carried out much quicker. Unlike many NHS based treatments, private treatments may have little or no waiting lists, meaning you can get the smile you want much quicker. 


At Andrea Ubhi Dentistry, we offer treatments not available on the NHS, such as braces for adults and for minor straightening correction, dental implants, and cosmetics treatments including teeth whitening and veneers. We routinely use tooth coloured fillings not amalgam for fillings. 


We want our patients to understand and feel comfortable with the treatment you are paying for, so we always make sure we discuss the costs of our treatment plans with our patients in depth, before you commit to any treatment. We also offer finance plans to help break down the cost of treatment into manageable monthly payments, from 0% finance. 


Taking the time to find the right dentist for you can be tricky, but it’s completely worthwhile. It is important that you feel comfortable about your treatment, understand your needs and discuss all the treatment options relevant to you...and like your dentist! 


The survey was sent to all dentists in the United Kingdom who conducted some NHS or Health Service work within 2012-13 and 2013-14.


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