Take The Smiling Confidence Test

March 14, 2020

Let me tell you a story.

A few years ago, I was delighted to be invited to the wedding of my friends. Yes, the couple looked radiant and beautiful.

I stood behind the official photographer as he was taking an enormous bridal party group photo.  As he went to capture the photo, he shouted: “Say cheese!” (that’s very English for asking everyone to smile, by the way). As I watched, imagine my surprise when I saw almost 50% of this big group smacking their lips shut tight before smiling, whereas the other 50% dazzled their teeth for the photo. Now, as a Cosmetic Dentist, I was intrigued. So, I spent the rest of the day chatting to as many people as I possibly could and analysing the different smiles of both groups. Yes, that is what dentists do, in case you don’t know, we look at teeth first. We love teeth!

What I found was really interesting.  The ones who closed their lips for the photograph all had aesthetic issues with their smiles. I could see dentures, missing teeth or discoloured fillings, ugly crowns or crooked teeth. Interestingly, even during simple conversation, many of this group put their hand over their mouths when chatting and smiling.

They were demonstrating a low level of ‘Smiling Confidence.’

However, the ones from the other group, the ones who smiled broadly and confidently for the photo, typically had great teeth and showed a very high level of ‘Smiling Confidence.’

Next time there is a group photo, stand behind the photographer and see for yourself.

Try this short questionnaire to assess your own level of ‘Smiling Confidence.’


When smiling, do you

(a) normally show off your teeth or

(b) close your mouth?

After a meal

(a) are you normally confident your teeth will be clean or

(b) are you worried that you will have food stuck between your teeth?

Look at several photographs of yourself, do you

(a) normally show your teeth when smiling or

(b) do you rarely show your teeth?

When laughing, do you

(a) normally laugh freely or

(b) usually put your hand over your mouth?

When talking with people close up, do you normally

(a) feel proud and confident of your smile or

(b) normally feel self-conscious?


Count up the number of questions that you answered as an (a):

0 = No Smiling Confidence

1 = Very poor Smiling Confidence

2 = Poor Smiling Confidence

3 = Mediocre Smiling Confidence

4 = Reasonably good Smiling Confidence.

5 = Total Smiling Confidence. Dazzle the world with your smile!


If we go through life pulling back from social interactions and reducing our smiling, then people may misinterpret this.

They may think that we do not like them or that we have something to hide, and pull back from us. This is a Catch 22 situation here.

Listen to me closely.

Having beautiful teeth may not actually make you happier in itself, however, having beautiful teeth increases our ‘Smiling Confidence.’ And as we smile more openly and freely, then due to social reciprocation, other people will smile more at us, and we more at them, and they more to us.

You understand the point.  

As a Cosmetic Dentist who has listened to hundreds and hundreds of patients’ before and after stories of their Smile Transformation journeys, and as a patient myself having had cosmetic dentistry, I have to say, yes, having a beautiful smile does make us happier and makes those around us happier too.

Can anyone have a beautiful smile?



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An excerpt from "The Essential Guide to Dental Implants," by Dr Andrea Ubhi & Dr Adam Glassford. 

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