Style starts with a smile.

February 23, 2017

Your smile is one of the first things that a new date will notice about you. In fact, your smile can have more of an effect on what she thinks of you than the clothes you wear or how you smell, according to a recent survey.

Studies suggest that when we meet somebody new, most people (37%) notice your smile first! While just 33% notice your eyes, 15% judge your weight, 9% your hair and 2% judge your nose.

In fact, your smile is so important that it can help in your professional life too. About three-quarters (74%) of adults feel an unattractive smile can hurt their career success and there have been studies showing more attractive people get an advantage when it comes to interview call-backs and promotions.

So, if your smile can be so influential, why does caring for your smile sometimes slip so far down our grooming routine? Her are our top tips for remaining handsome, kissable and looking young!

Our Top Tip to Kissability!

One third of men admit that they only brush their teeth once a day, whilst one in ten admit that the regularly forget to brush at all! This isn’t good news for your smile or your style! Keeping your teeth clean and healthy with a regular oral hygiene routine is one of the best ways to keep your smile gleaming. Remember to brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, use dental floss or intraoral brushes to remove food from between your teeth, and use mouthwash regularly. Make regular appointments with a hygienist for a scale and polish, and to make sure you’re doing everything right and keeping your smile to a high standard.

Maintaining good oral hygiene will also keep your breath smelling fresh for all those up close and personal moments! A national survey found that 76% of people say bad breath is a deal breaker on first dates, and one in two say foul oral smells have a negative effect on current relationships.

Our Top Tips to Staying Young!

Alcohol, cigarettes and the sun can all cause the sensitive skin on your lips and around your mouth to dry out and sag, causing it to look old and worn and causing your lips to feel dry and cracked – not exactly a great look when trying to maneuver that first kiss. Not to mention the yellowing effect cigarettes can have on your teeth!


These four simple tips are great, easy ways to maintain your smile every day. But if you’re wanting that extra wow factor, you could also look into the following:

How White Would You Go?

Gone are the days where teeth whitening left you with a smile the shade of glow in the dark piano keys. We are the UK’s leading provider for Boutique Professional Whitening, which can be used at home and which give you the ability to control how white you go. The longer you leave the trays in for, the whiter your teeth will be. Meaning you can brighten the shade of your teeth as subtly or as boldly as you like.

Want More Confidence with Straighter Teeth?

There’s nothing as attractive as confidence, but if your teeth are crooked or chipped, you may find that your self-confidence is low and you find it hard to laugh or smile freely in public. Teeth straightening treatment however, can straighten your smile in as little as six months, giving you a fuller, more attractive grin that will help you to feel more confident. For those worried about the appearance of braces, we offer discreet ceramic and ‘hidden’ Incognito braces which are fitted to the backs of your teeth and are virtually invisible from the outside.

How to Take Your Teeth Back to Gorgeous

Chipped teeth can be repaired and restored with composite bonding, to give you a natural, healthy looking smile that will draw in plenty of admirers. With composite bonding, white composite material is layered onto the natural tooth, replicating the textures, shades and translucencies of natural teeth, so that the newly restored teeth blend in and look natural. The composite sets in seconds, giving you an instantly transformed smile.

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