Saving your smile - with pioneering dental technology company Straumann

February 11, 2015


Leading York dentist, Dr Adam Glassford, who is based at the award winning Andrea Ubhi Cosmetic Dentistry practice in the centre of York, is working closely with the pioneering Swiss manufacturer, Straumann, on the launch two new types of dental implant set to revolutionise the options available to dental patients.

The new implant uses a unique new material, called Roxolid.  Roxolid is a stronger material than has ever been developed before and is made of titanium-zirconium alloy, which has a higher tensile strength than pure titanium.  This results in narrower or shorter implants being used and reduces the need for bone grafting.  

Man holding implant

Dr Adam Glassford is an experienced dental surgeon and holds the Advanced Dental Implant Diploma from the Royal College of Surgeons of England.  He has been named as one of Straumann’s leading UK dental implant providers for 2014. Together with Straumann Territory Manager, Kate Keating, Dr Glassford and the Andrea Ubhi practice are offering the new Roxolid product to their own patients as well as to other dental practices across Yorkshire who refer patients to them through the referral service LoveDental.

Dental implants are replacements for missing teeth; they are used to fix a ceramic tooth or a denture securely in position. As dental implants are placed definitively in position, they improve chewing efficiency, comfort and appearance and give patients far more confidence than traditional dentures.

Dr Adam Glassford explains: “Normally dental implants can only be placed where there is enough bone. If a tooth has been extracted for a while, then the bone shrinks back then there is not enough bone to place an implant of the same length as the extracted tooth. Patients could have bone grafting, but they are often nervous of this and it can have lower success rates.

With the new Straumann Roxolid material, implants can be as small as 4mm in length, which is a huge step forward and means that many more patients can consider implants as a viable option. They can also be used in situations where the sinuses are lower or where ridges have resorbed due to their increased strength. We are already offering this to patients who could not have other types of implants. ”

Straumann has been a global pioneer and leader in implant dentistry since 1974 with 13 million implants sold worldwide.  It has a long track record of research and development and 20 years of clinically validated research on its products. 

Kate Keating, Straumann Territory Manager, commented: “We have developed a close working relationship with Andrea Ubhi Cosmetic Dentistry, as it is one of the leading dental implant practices in the country.  Straumann invests heavily in research and development each year and it is great to see the results of that very intense work being utilised by highly skilled practitioners such as Dr Glassford for the benefit of patients.”

The Andrea Ubhi Cosmetic Dentistry practice is also offering Straumann’s new range of PURE ceramic implants.  These ground breaking new implants have been developed in response to market demand across Europe for patients looking for a cost effective, metal-free solution, particularly where they are allergic to titanium.

Andrea Ubhi, owner of Andrea Ubhi Cosmetic Dentistry commented: “We work hard to ensure that the advice and service we provide for our patients is in their very best interests.  Working with a world leading manufacturer such as Straumann, enables us to offer new and innovative dental products that suit our patients’ individual needs.  The new Roxolid and PURE ceramic ranges are making a real difference to the options patients have to choose from, and with Dr Glassford’s experience, we really can offer patients more choice that works for them.”