Our £30,000 Investment Reduces Prices!

May 30, 2017

We have invested £30,000 in the Trios Scanner which has revolutionised the way we work.

The new digital scanner is used instead of traditional impression taking. Traditional impressions are uncomfortable, prone to inaccuracies, and take much surgery time. Instead of gooey impressions, the Trios scanner “wand” is waved over the teeth, capturing the 3D picture. This information is then sent to the lab online, and within seconds, the lab can start work on a precision laser cut model.

Advantages of digital scanning:

·         Significantly improves patient comfort during record taking, and especially those with a severe gag reflex

·         Increased efficiency of procedures, especially single and multiple implant restoration, and orthodontic record taking

·         Increased precision in the record, reducing the risk of remakes.

·         Reduction in the number of patient visits, especially for dental implant procedures.

·         Reduced cost of treatment by 15-20% for certain procedures due to increased efficiency, eg a single dental implant has gone down from £2400 to £1995.

“This has had a massive impact on our dental implant treatment journey. We now scan at the surgical stage, then after healing three months later, we simply fit the implant crown. This by-passes two traditional treatment steps usually done before fitting. It feels like a major step forwards in technology and also in the future of dental implants, making an increasingly popular procedure even more accessible to patients,”  says Dr Adam Glassford, Lead Implant Surgeon at Andrea Ubhi Dentistry and leading provider of Straumann Implants in the North of England.

“What I find so exciting is that we are one of the leading implant providers in the country, using one of the world’s highest quality implant systems, Straumann, using world-class technology, but that we are able to reduce prices so that this level of treatment is affordable to more patients. This is real progress.” Dr Andrea Ubhi.