New CT scanner for the practice

September 24, 2014

We are delighted with our new CT scanner which will help to improve our oral procedures and increase efficiency throughout the practice.   Our new £80,000 investment in on-site technology allows our patients to have 3D images taken of their mouths during consultation appointments.   The scans are then used to carry out "virtual surgery" so the outcome of physical treatments can be more accurately pre-determined. 

Using the scanner we can achieve 3D visualisation of the anatomy of the jaws and associated structures, this improves planning for procedures and reduces risk. For dental implantology we can look at bone quality, bone height and width, and the positions of adjacent nerves and teeth, while in orthodontics it allows for the visualisation of un-erupted teeth and tooth position, and the anatomy and curves of roots in root canal treatment. 

"Using these scanners has become the gold standard way of doing things. Before we had to rely on x-rays which left us with a lot of guess work to do as it didn't show things like bone thickness or nerves. Initially we would have to send patients to hospital, and more recently to Ilkley for these kind of scans. Now we can do everything in the initial consultation in terms of assessing what work needs to be done and planning the treatment, so the next time we see a patient  it is to carry out the treatment. This means a lot as we have many patients who travel from across the country for appointments, some from as far as Ireland."
Dr Adam Glassford