It’s never too late to have dental implants!

March 30, 2016

Recently, an elderly patient visited the surgery due to having uncomfortable dentures. Her ill-fitting dentures had left her unable to eat very well and her health was significantly deteriorating as a result. As she lost more weight, her dentures became even looser and so began the cycle of a poor diet leading to increased malnutrition and weight loss.

She had a consultation with Dr Adam Glassford, one of our leading dental implant surgeons, who advised that the best course of action was for her to have dental implants which would secure her dentures firmly in place. 

Dental implant treatment involves inserting a small titanium cylinder (or dental implant) into the jaw bone to replace a missing tooth root. 

Understandably, the patient’s family were a little bit sceptical about her undergoing dental implant treatment, given her age. They were worried whether she would be able to cope with the treatment. However, she decided to go ahead and found that that the process was much less intrusive than she and they initially thought. The procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic or with sedation, similar to a filling, so patients rarely suffer any pain.

Replacing the patient’s dentures with dental implants gave her rock solid, secure and comfortable teeth. She could now eat anything, including uncooked fruit and vegetables, and chew steak. Not surprisingly, her health rapidly improved and I cannot begin to imagine how much better she felt in herself, her whole outlook on life changed for the better. I believe that having dental implants added many enjoyable years to her life.

My advice for denture wearers is to have dental implants as soon as you can after tooth loss. Once your own teeth are lost, your jaw bone recedes over time and problems only continue to get worse as a result. Dental implants offer you a secure and permanent solution to your missing teeth.

The oldest dental implant patient we’ve treated at Andrea Ubhi was 95. She was planning on living long enough to get great value for money!

It’s never too late to eat comfortably.

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