Denture V Dental implants

October 12, 2016

For many people, dentures can bring a number of issues. 
Dental implants can provide a more positive, fitted solution to missing teeth. 

Often people with dentures find that they suffer from denture sores due to the movement of loose dentures, and find difficulty eating, getting food trapped uncomfortably under the denture as it moves. However, overdentures or full bridges which are secured with dental implants are fixed firmly into place, which means there is minimal to no movement of the restoration.

With implants, the overdenture or bridge won't slip or fall out when talking, allowing patients to laugh and talk in public with new found confidence.  
Some are surprised by the difference in price between dentures and restorations fitted with dental implants, however many of our patients have said implant treatment has been 'life changing'.

With dental implant fitted restorations, patients will benefit from a biting strength comparable to that of their natural teeth, meaning they can eat the foods that they could not with traditional dentures. 

Implant-secured restorations are also easy to care for and require no more care than the natural teeth or traditional denture. Implant secured overdentures are removed each night and placed in water, and are cleaned twice a day. But a fixed bridge is a permanent restoration and is fixed in the mouth. This means it can be cleaned with a standard toothbrush, making an implant secured fixed bridge the closest thing to your natural teeth.