Celebrating 5000 Dental Implants!

November 7, 2018

Award winning Dr Adam Glassford is is celebrating placing 5000 dental implants, becoming one of the leading implant surgeons in the country. Adam is the lead clinician at Andrea Ubhi Dentistry based in Goodramgate, York, and started placing dental implants 15 years ago in 2003.  Adam now treats patients referred from across the UK for even the most complex dental implant treatment, including bone grafting and bone remodeling with 3D technology.  

Dr Andrea Ubhi said: “Adam Glassford is one of the most highly experienced implant surgeons in the UK, however along with that wealth of experience, he has an exceptionally high success rate of 98.9%.  Adam is passionate about giving patients their confidence back, and providing natural and healthy teeth for life. Adam’s wealth of experience means that implant dentists from across the country are referring their complex cases to him here in York.”

Missing teeth traditionally have been replaced with dentures or tooth supported bridges, however there are associated problems of continued bone loss, difficulty eating, reduced nutrition, and damage to the adjacent teeth. Dental implants provide solutions to these problems, being fixed and permanent and with much higher success rate.  Dental implants replace missing teeth by a titanium screw being surgically fitted into the bone, then a tooth being fixed on top. 

Dr Adam Glassford commented: “For me implant dentistry offers unique solutions to people’s problems and its extremely satisfying to be able to improve people’s quality of life using my skills.”