Causes of Crooked Teeth

April 5, 2017

Many of our patients come to us unhappy with their crooked teeth. But what exactly causes crooked teeth? Well, let us explain.


Mouth and Jaw Shape

This is possibly one of the biggest causes of crooked teeth. Small mouths tend to have less room for your natural teeth, causing overcrowding and misalignment.



Often the cause of your crooked teeth can be genetics. This is sometimes thought to be the most frequent cause of overbites, underbites and crooked smiles.


Oral Injury

Trauma to your teeth can cause them to move out of place and become crooked. Wearing a sports guard during active sports can help reduce the risk of trauma to your teeth.


Bad Habits

Certain habits can have an effect on the position of your teeth, particularly in early developments. Habits such as thumb sucking, pacifier use, tongue thrusting and prolonged bottle use can all effect the position of front teeth and cause them to stick out, become crooked or even leave an anterior open bite.


Earlier Than Usual Loss of Teeth

If a tooth is lost, the teeth surrounding the gap may begin to move into the space that has been left, causing issues of misalignment.


Crooked teeth can affect you in a number of ways, including a lack of confidence and a higher risk of developing cavities and tooth decay, due to being unable to reach each tooth surface for cleaning. People with crooked or misaligned teeth may also experience difficulty chewing or biting foods as their bite is not correctly aligned. But Orthodontic treatment can help.

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