Can Missing Teeth Shorten the Lifespan of Patients?

July 4, 2018

Patients with missing teeth and loose dentures often have great difficulty eating. The biting force of a patient can drop from 150-250 psi with natural teeth, to only 5.6 psi after years of wearing dentures. This can lead to reduced nutrition as the patient is unable to maintain a diet of fresh foods, including fruits and vegetables, and an increased risk of diabetes and obesity, if patients opt for easy-to-chew carbohydrates.

A long-term study by the National Institute of Health concluded that patients who maintain most or all of their teeth, or have their missing teeth replaced by fixed bridgework or implants, live 9.8 years longer than those who don’t.

Dental implants are becoming an essential treatment option for the ageing population with missing teeth.  

Are Patients with Resorbed Ridges Unsuitable for Implants?

Post-extraction bone resorption can be significant. A misconception has been that a patient must present with enough bone for implants, with patients believing there is too little bone or that bone augmentation would be too costly or painful.  However, advances in bone augmentation made possible with CT technology, means we can treat 99% of patients with missing teeth.

A New and Advanced Solution

Dr Adam Glassford, our Lead Implant Surgeon, is using Maxgraft® Bonebuilder.  This has significantly changed the treatment options for patients with bone atrophy.  Maxgraft is an allogenic bone block, individually designed for each patient for alveolar ridge augmentation, using 3D CAD/CAM technology.

After CBCT scanning, the final product is from processed cancellous bone blocks originating from living human donors (explantation of femoral heads during hip endoprosthesis surgery) in Austria. It is milled to fit each site individually.

Manual adjustment of the block during the grafting surgery becomes unnecessary as Maxgraft Bonebuilder can be fixed directly onto the recipient site, reducing surgery time as well as risk of infection. The individual design provides precision fit between the local bone and the allogenic bone block, enabling rapid revascularization and fast graft incorporation.

“We have been using Maxgraft Bonebuilder for 3 years now with 100% success rate. This is changing the possibilities for patients with large bony defects, making dental implant treatment a realistic treatment option. Often these patients are the ones who are struggling the most with dentures.” Dr Adam Glassford. 

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