Are You a Silent Sufferer?

June 5, 2018

This blog is dedicated to all of you who have lost teeth. To the silent sufferers. To you who feel that bereaved, but don’t dare discuss the issue, as you believe it is a social norm to have had teeth removed. To those of you who are embarrassed to discuss these unspeakable matters. To you who have difficult and uncomfortable dentures and who believe this is the best you can expect for the rest of your life.  And particularly, this blog is for you who are devastated by your loss, bereaved, distraught, and wish you could turn back the clock.

We bring hope. Hope that you can have your smile back, have your bite back, and so importantly, have your confidence and life back.

Thich Nhat Hanh said:
“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.”

Wishing you wholeness, so your own life and the lives of those you love, can be made beautiful by your smile.

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