Anyone thinking of travelling abroad for dental implants? A few things to consider

August 25, 2016

Tempting isn’t it? Travel to a sun-kissed, far-flung place and have dental implant treatment cheaper than in the UK, but is this really the best idea?


Adverts and websites often point out the cost savings but in the long term it could cost a lot more to put right any problems created.


As a referral practice we often see the aftermath of ‘Dental Tourism’ where people go abroad to have cheap dental work carried out.  Often we see dental implants placed and the restorations fitted on top, that are of a much lower quality than you would expect by an experienced surgeon in the U.K.  Dentists and laboratories in the U.K. must comply with strict cross infection and quality controls which don’t apply to many other parts of the world.  


Any dentist can place implants after just a weekend “implant course.” However it is important to choose a surgeon with a high success record, who has great experience and has been properly trained and mentored. Choose your surgeon wisely. At Andrea Ubhi Dentistry we have highly experienced surgeons and a Specialist who cumulatively have placed thousands of dental implants with over a decade of experience. They are mentors, lecturers and trainers in dental implant procedures.


There are over 130 different dental implant systems worldwide and each has their own unique set of tools and components. Many of the cheaper dental implant systems used abroad do not comply with the strict rules of the U.K. and so are not available or accessible here. We have seen failing work carried out abroad that cannot be repaired here because the system that has been used is no longer supported or cannot be sourced in the U.K.  This leaves the patient unable to have ongoing maintenance for their implant work in the event of problems, leaving them with the choice of returning to the country that the work was originally provided, or having the failing work removed and the procedure started over again.

Straumann logo

At Andrea Ubhi Dentistry we only use Straumann dental implants, made by one of the longest established implant manufacturers worldwide, having sold over 14 million implants in over 70 countries. This means that anyone having an implant with us could see a dentist anywhere else in the world in years and decades to come and have their implant restored or maintained.  Straumann dental implants are supported by over 35 years of in-depth scientific research and have one of the highest implant success rates in the world. The Swiss company only produces the high quality dental implants which do cost more than inferior systems, but would we really want a low quality, uncertified implant inserted into our bodies?

We provide a five year guarantee of the implants and restorations (crowns/bridges/overdentures on top of the implants), and Straumann give a LIFETIME guarantee of the implant fixture itself. We believe in our products and quality.


After the PIP breast implant scandal, thankfully patients are more aware of the pitfalls of cheap medical products and realise that choosing quality is safer and is better value for money in the long run!