Answers to your frequently asked dental implant questions

September 13, 2016


How much are dental implants?  

There are many different options for replacing missing teeth. For example, if one tooth is missing, then we might recommend replacing this with one implant restored with one crown, from £2200. However if you have a larger gap, for example three teeth missing in a row, then this might be restored with two implants holding a three tooth bridge, from £4950. If all of the teeth are missing in a jaw, then it is possible to fix a full denture in place with from 2 implants from £1999, or to replace a denture completely with a fixed bridge, 4-8 implants could hold a fixed bridge in place from £9999.

Do I need one implant per missing tooth?  

No. A few dental implants can support a multi-tooth bridge, reducing the number of implants required.  Examples:  a single implant could support a two unit bridge; or as few as 4 implants can hold a full a full arch bridge.

How long does implant treatment take?  

In certain circumstances if the bone is exceptionally good, then an implant can be placed and loaded with a temporary crown or bridge immediately.  In the majority of cases, the implant is placed, left to heal for 2-3 months before loading with the restoration.   In certain cases with poor bone levels, bone grafting is required before implant placement. The bone grafting surgery is done, left to heal for 3 months, then the implants placed, then they are left to heal for another 3 months approx, then the restorations can be fitted. So with bone grafting, the treatment may take up to 6 months before the final restoration is placed.

How long is the surgical placement appointment?  

Between 30 mins and 2 hours depending on the number of implants placed.

Do I have enough bone? 

Probably!  Only approx 2% of our implant consultations are unable to have treatment because of inadequate bone that cannot be restored with simple artificial bone grafting procedures. We use Roxolid Straumann implants that are stronger than traditional implants. This means that they can be shorter and narrower, but keep the strength. Our shortest implant is 6mm long, so we can place where there is only 7mm depth of bone.  And our narrowest one is 3mm wide, meaning that we can place in a space just over 4mm wide.

How much will the procedure hurt? 

Dental implant placement is similar to having a simple extraction. It is done under local anaesthetic, so there will be no pain on placement. Many patients opt for sedation to make a multiple implant placement procedure more comfortable, but this is not essential.   After the placement appointment, a patient might be sore for the first 24 hours and take over-the-counter pain killers, but then after that, probably not need them. 

How long do dental implants last? 

Dental implant treatment is now recognised as one of the longest lasting and most predictable forms of tooth replacement. Research shows that 98% of implants are successful beyond 15 years of use, and most implants last significantly longer than this, often for life.  You can promote the success of your dental implants through a healthy diet, avoiding smoking and maintaining good oral hygiene. 

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