5 Top oral hygiene tips this Christmas

December 12, 2016

1.      Brush before breakfast 

It’s Christmas morning. If you have kids, the chances are you’ll be getting up at the crack of dawn to find out if Santa has been or not, or you might be getting up earlier to get the turkey in the oven before the family arrives. This a great time to brush! Brushing before you eat breakfast means that the teeth have not been exposed to any sugar or acid attacks and can help protect them with the all important fluoride for the day ahead. 

2.      Drink through a straw 

 Food isn’t the only thing we have more of at Christmas. Many of us enjoy a festive drink or two throughout the season. Alcoholic drinks count for up to 11% of the UK’s sugar intake and can be extremely harmful to your teeth, causing decay and erosion. Drinking through a straw can help direct drink away from your teeth, minimising the effects of sugars, whilst still allowing us to enjoy our favourite festive drinks. 

3.      Chew sugar-free gum 

It can take your mouth up to an hour to return to a neutral state after eating or drinking. Chewing sugar-free gum encourages saliva production which helps your mouth to return to normal and helps wash away acid and sugars. It also means you’ll have fresh breath should you find yourself underneath the mistletoe!

4.      Wait an hour to brush 

 Our mouths need to take a break every so often. All the great food and drink we surround ourselves with can mean our mouths work extra hard. So after your mammoth Christmas dinner, where all of us will probably have eaten too much, it’s the perfect opportunity to let your mouth rest. As already mentioned, it can take your mouth up to an hour to return to its natural state after eating or drinking, and brushing your teeth within an hour of food or drink could leave you brushing away tiny particles of your enamel, which can lead to dental erosion. So, wait until all the Christmas food has gone down and you feel able to move again before you give your teeth another brush.

5.      Don't rinse, spit! 

After you have brushed your teeth, rinsing your mouth out with water can rinse away the protective fluoride from your toothpaste. Don't rinse, just spit to make sure you get the full fluoride benefit and bring a smile to your face this Christmas.