10 things we love about Orthodontics!

April 25, 2017

1.       Braces can be super discreet

When most people think of braces, they think of traditional, metal, ‘train-track’ braces. We can offer a range of braces that are more discreet and aesthetically appealing than traditional braces. Ceramic braces use tooth coloured brackets and metal wires that make them less visible when smiling, laughing or talking. We also offer ‘hidden’ lingual braces which are fitted behind your teeth, so that no one will know they’re there – unless you decide to tell them.

2.       Braces are suitable for anyone

We treat patients of any age for teeth straightening and are seeing more and more adults come to us for treatment.

3.       Even famous faces have braces

Niall Horan, Emma Watson, Faith Hill, Myleen Klass and Tom Cruise all had braces fitted to straighten their teeth. Each of them opted for a discreet method of teeth straightening that went largely unnoticed.

4.       Straighter teeth are easier to care for

When your teeth are crooked it can be difficult to clean in between them, meaning food and bacteria can get stuck, which can lead to a number of problems, including decay. However, with straighter teeth, you will often find it much easier to get right in between your teeth and keep your smile fresh and healthy.

5.       Orthodontics can work with what you’ve got

Braces can be fitted to your natural teeth, meaning they straighten your natural teeth, rather than hiding your natural tooth behind a veneer.

6.       Orthodontics have been around for years

Even ancient Egyptian mummies have been found sporting metal bands around their teeth.

7.       Orthodontics can help change your whole face

Because braces can help to realign your bite, moving your jaw into a better, biting position, they can not only change the appearance of your smile, but can also help alter your facial profile. This can often give you a fuller, more attractive face.

8.       Braces can help you resist sugary sweets

Sticky, sweet foods and braces aren’t the best of friends, in fact, we advise that you steer well clear of any sticky treats whilst your braces are fitted as they could damage the brace.

9.       Braces are only temporary

You won’t need your braces for ever. In some cases, braces only need to be fitted for a matter of months, and providing you wear your retainer, you won’t need to have them refitted.

10.   The results are amazing!

After Orthodontic treatment, the results are amazing, just look at the difference they made to our Dental Nurse Bronwyn!