Multiple Implants Replacing All Upper Teeth

By Dr Adam Glassford

Before: Failing Teeth

This case shows a failing set of natural upper teeth that are to be replaced with an immediate implant bridge.

Immediate Temporary Bridge

This picture shows the immediate provisional bridge, placed at the extration appointment. This is left in place whilst the implants heal with the bone.

This was fitted onto an initial 4 implants.

6 further implant fixtures were later placed to support upper back teeth implants.


The final upper jaw had 10 implants in place, 4 at the front and 3 either side at the back. This number was necessary as additional sinus grafting was necessary.  Ideally one implant per tooth is used at the back of the mouth in such cases. The total treatment time was around 9 months and it was the sinus grafting that dictated the timescale. 

In this case, as the patient was in her late 60’s she wanted a very natural look to the teeth and requested features that were sympathetic to her age. All of the upper teeth shown in the above picture were created from ceramic and fitted to the implants.

The lower teeth are the patient’s own.