Have Confidence With Implant Secured Dentures

If you suffer from loose or unstable dentures, we can provide a solution to secure these in place with implant treatment. Stabilisation of dentures is usually a straightforward procedure. Your existing dentures may be able to be modified, or they may need replacing with a new bespoke set that allow a better positioning for the attachments to be integrated into them.  Implant-stabilised dentures give:

  • A secure and comfortable fit of the denture on the gums, so no more denture pressure sores
  • Less denture base coverage, so increased taste
  • A stronger biting force, restoring chewing ability with greater enjoyment of food
  • Increased confidence to eat, laugh, talk and socialise
  • Reduced bone loss, maintaining facial structure and improving your appearance
  • The most cost-effective solution to securely replacing all your teeth

The Planning Process

The Two Options for Stabilising a Denture

There are two ways to stabilise a loose denture. One is with implant locators, which are like "press studs" in the gums, and the denture clips on to them securely. The second option is an implant-retained bar, which is more sturdy. If you would prefer never to have a denture again, then you could have an implant bridge, which stays in position permanently, and doesn't need taking out to clean, like a denture does.

OPTION 1 Denture Stabilisation on Implant Locators


Implant Surgery

Fitting the Locators on the Implants

Fitting the Denture

OPTION 2 Denture Stabilisation on an Implant-Retained Bar


Implant Surgery

Fitting the Bar on the Implants

Fitting the Denture

Rosie's Story

The Implant Placement Process



Denture stabilisation with dental implants start from £6,773 per jaw, including a new implant-compatible denture.

Finance options are available subject to terms and conditions. Want to replace your denture altogether? Then find out about Full Jaw Implant Bridges.

Would you like to make your first step to having secure teeth? Call our Implant Coordinator now on 01904 639667 for a chat and to and arrange your free no-obligation consultation today.