Implant-Secured Denture Price Guide

Consultation                                                                                          free

Your consultation will be with one of our team of dental implant surgeons and will take approx 30 mins. All the options available will be discussed with you, so that you can make an informed decision. We have a dedicated Dental Implant Coordinator, who will discuss the costs and finance options with you after the surgeon has met with you. You will be given a treatment report with definite costs of the options discussed, so there are no hidden surprises.


CT scan                                                                                                 from £135-£195

To make a full assessment, a CT scan may be necessary and you may be asked if you would like that taking at the initial consultation appointment, if not, approximate costs can be given to you at this stage. Then if you choose to proceed further, the CT scan can be taken at a second appointment and definite costs can be given to you at this stage. The scan shows precisely how much bone is present and if the bone levels are reduced, whether bone grafting is necessary or whether new high technology smaller dental implants would be possible. 


There are two options to secure a denture with dental implants.


OPTION 1: Denture Stabilisation on Dental Implant Locators               from £6773 per jaw

Loose dentures can be secured in place using dental implants combined with a “press-stud” style attachment known as a locator abutment. Two to four precision-made, hard-wearing titanium dental implants are inserted into the lower jaw and four in the upper jaw. The implants have a “press-stud” style attachment included with the opposite end of the attachment within the denture. This allows the dentures to be pressed into the mouth and “clicked” into place. Although there can be slight movement with this restoration, it is a world away from a complete denture and offers security, stability, and confidence for patients. The removable denture is required to be removed twice daily for cleaning and kept out overnight for disinfection.


Examples of costs:

SINGLE JAW: Two implants with new denture: from £6450


OPTION 2: Denture Stabilisation on an Implant-Secured Bar               from £7540 per jaw

For patients looking for a much more secure option and in particular, in the upper jaw where patients do not want a restoration that covers their palate, an implant-supported removable denture which is retained on a bar is one solution. In the upper jaw, this generally requires placement of four precision-made, hard-wearing titanium dental implants.  In the lower jaw, two to four dental implants can be placed. A custom-built bar is fitted which allows a minimal denture to be secured using clips and studs. This is very rigid and robust and the majority of our patients can eat apples and crusty bread using this type of solution, and has a significant advantage over the locator style attachment as the bar-retained denture has increased stability and rigidity. The removable denture is required to be removed twice daily for cleaning, and kept out overnight for disinfection.


A More Advanced Option: The Implant-Secured Fixed Bridge              from £16,590 per jaw

The ideal option for many patients is to have fixed-in-teeth using precision-made, hard-wearing titanium dental implants which are gently placed into your jaw bone.  Four, six or eight dental implants are placed in the jaw and a dental bridge is made to carry your new teeth and uniquely fit your jaw, mouth and facial shape. The bridge is secured in place and not removed so it can be cleaned with a toothbrush and interdental cleaning brushes. This is the closest possible solution to natural teeth as the teeth are made to suit your specific aesthetic requirements and are precision fitted, so they look natural and the bite functions normally.  We would expect our patients to be able to eat whatever they want and to smile and function with huge confidence.


Finance Options

Finance options are available through V6 finance, and options include:

6-12 months at 0% finance

24-60 months at 5.6% finance

If you are interested in taking out in finance to spread your payments, then we can complete a simple online finance application at your consultation, or you can do this at home through a link we can email you.  You receive an application decision within minutes of submitting.


Further Questions?

Please call our dedicated Dental Implant Advisor for a no-obligation chat and to arrange your free consultation, please call 01904 639967.

Please note we require a £30 refundable deposit to secure the consultation appointment. This is refunded on attending; however, is non-refundable if the appointment is missed or cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment. Thank you for your understanding.