Implant Overdenture

By Dr Adam Glassford


The starting point here was a set of failing upper natural teeth that had become loose over the years.


The patient wore an ill fitting partial upper denture so was accustomed to the feel of a denture in her mouth. Implant over dentures work best in patients that have some experience of wearing even a small plate initially.

Implant Placement

After removing all the failing upper teeth and fitting an immediate temporary full denture the mouth was left to heal for 3 months. After this time 4 implants were placed in the upper jaw and these can be seen as the gold coloured studs which are in fact a press-stud like fitting on each implant.

Press Stud Fittings in Denture

These press-stud like fittings connect precisely into the black cup seen inside the denture in this picture. This creates a very firm clip which retained the implant over denture. The over denture still needs removing several times each day for cleaning especially after meals but is firm when speaking and chewing. Note the small size of the denture, which is does not cover as much of the roof of the mouth as a traditional (non-implant retained) denture would. This leads to an improved and increased taste sensation.

Final Result

The final result shows the lower teeth cleaned by the hygienist and whitened, with the upper implant over denture in place. The shape and colour of the teeth is chosen with the patient.  We have aimed for a good natural healthy look within the normal light shade range of this patient's age group.