Maintain Good Oral Health and Fresh Breath

Dental hygiene is important, not only for treating active gum disease, but also to help you maintain good oral health and fresh breath. Our gentle team of skilled clinicians will remove the tartar build-up and show you how to keep your teeth and gums healthy for life. 

Direct Access

We understand that it is difficult to make appointments with hygienists and many dentists have waiting lists during the pandemic. We have increased our hygiene team to support the community. You can simply book in with our clinicinas even if you have your own dentist, no registration necessary. 

Gum Disease

If you are worried that you may have gum disease, then our team of hygienists will discuss this with you and if necessary, refer you to Dr Tim Steel BDS MClinDent . Learn more. 

Standard Hygiene

An appointment with our hygienists involves scaling and polishing your teeth, and will leave with them gleaming and feeling fresh.

Direct Access Appointment 45 mins £95

Routine Hygiene Appointment 30 mins £75

Luxury Hygiene - Guided Biofilm Therapy

Guided Biofilm Therapy with award-winning Faye Donald is a new, advanced way of delivering dental hygiene, with no pain reported in 95% of treatments. This soft and gentle therapy includes warm Airflow and anti-microbial treatments giving a thorough dental clean which is safe for the most sensitive teeth, dental implants, crowns and veneers. Learn more.

Comprehensive Hygiene Appointment £135

Our Team of Clinicians

Air Polishing for Stain Removal

Air polishing is used for the gentle removal of stains from the surface of natural adult teeth. It gently breaks down stains leaving the teeth looking brighter and feeling super clean & fresh. Air-polishing is also recommended prior to teeth whitening procedures and can be carried out as frequently as every 3 months. 

Airflow for Biofilm Disruption and Oral Health 

Biofilm (plaque) is a sticky film of bacteria that builds up on teeth and restorations and is the main cause of gum disease, bad breath and tooth decay. Airflow is the least invasive way to remove the biofilm and harmful bacteria while preserving tooth tissue & restorations. It is recommended for biofilm disruption around teeth, implants, orthodontics, dentures, restorations & composite bonds and is recommended for keeping the tongue clean and the gum tissues healthy.

Airflow uses a low abrasive powder containing Erythritol which is a natural, sweet tasting, vegan friendly ingredient and is soluble so it won’t leave any powdery residue in the mouth. It not only obliterates biofilm and stains but is also anti-cariogenic (prevents decay), inhibits the regrowth of the bacteria that causes bad breath & gum disease and contains anti-oxidant properties known to improve endothelial cell function. 

The procedure forms part of Guided Biofilm Therapy treatment and combines warm water with the Erythritol powder delivery system. It is quick, pain free and leaves the teeth feeling super clean and fresh. It can be used on children & adults and there is no limit to the frequency with which the procedure can be carried out.