Fees & Finance

Free Consultation 

We will give your patient a full written treatment plan at their free consultation.  

​Please note that private consultations for a second opinion-only are £250.

Finance Options

Finance options are available including 0% interest, Ts and Cs apply. 

Dental Implants

Consultation FREE                                                            

Single implant (with abutment and crown) from £2195            
Single implant completed with a two-unit bridge from £3200

Implant-retained over-denture:

To retain lower denture, using patient's own denture, from £2,900

To retain lower denture, with new denture: from £4,950

Implant retained 3 unit bridge from £5,420

Full arch implants with fixed bridge from £13,800

Bone Grafting

Local bone grafting from £350
Block bone grafting from £800
Sinus grafting (external sinus lift) from £800

Endodontic Treatment

Consultation FREE

Root canal treatment of incisor/canine from £500
Root canal treatment of premolar from £600
Root canal treatment of molar from £700

Orthodontic Treatment

Consultation FREE
Comprehensive exam, records and treatment plan £195

Simple Orthodontics: usually one arch and completed in under 12 months

        Metal brackets from £1400 (single arch)

                                from £1950 (both arches)

        Ceramic braces from £1500 (single arch)

                                from £2300 (both arches)

        Lingual braces from £3200 (single arch)

                                 from £5650 (both arches)

Intermediate Orthodontics: normally completed within 12-18 months

        Metal brackets from £2900 (both arches)

        Ceramic braces from £3300 (both arches)

        Lingual braces from £6500 (both arches)

Complex Orthodontics: taking 18+ months

        Metal brackets from £3550 (both arches)

        Ceramic braces from £3950 (both arches)

        Lingual braces from £7200 (both arches)


Periodontal Treatment

Consultation £250

Hygienist Treatment from £68 per session

Treatment from £195 per session

Restorative Dentistry

Consultation FREE                  
Composite Bonding from £325-£475
Veneer/Crown/Bridge unit from £850

Occlusal Splints

The Denar De-Programmer from £145

The Advanced Denar De-Programmer from £295

Michigan/Tanner Splint from £795


Consultation FREE

Standard Aesthetic Full Dentures from £1995

Complex Aesthetic Full Dentures from £2995

Oral Surgery

Consultation  FREE
Extraction of impacted molar from £295

Extraction of impacted molar including sedation from £495 


Consultation FREE
IV Sedation from £350

CBCT scanning

Cone Beam CT Scan £150-195

Before referring your first patient for CBCT scanning, please call Carmel on 01904 644765 or email carmel@andreaubhi.com to ask to complete our Service Level Agreement.