Dr Adam Glassford

Dr Adam Glassford is the leading Cosmetic and Implant Dental Surgeon at Andrea Ubhi Dentistry.

Adam carries out Dental Implant, Sedation & Cosmetic Dentistry on patients referred by other dentists as well as those that self-refer. He has limited his clinical practice exclusively to these clinical disciplines.
Adam Qualified in 1996 from Leeds University with BChD. He has undertaken numerous postgraduate courses.  

Adam is an extremely experienced dental surgeon with a special interest in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, sedation and facial aesthetics. He holds the Advanced Implant Diploma from the Royal College of Surgeons of England and the diploma in Conscious Sedation. Adam has a national reputation in implant dentistry and is one of Straumann’s Leading Dental Implant Providers in the world, providing dental implants for over 18 years and having placed over 6000 dental implants.

Adam won the 'Patient Choice Restorative Case' Award in 2015 Aesthetic Dentistry Awards. He has a relaxed style and is passionate about helping anxious patients to feel at ease.

Dental Implant Qualified and Trainer

Adam completed the Diploma in Implant Dentistry (Dip Imp Dent RCS Eng) (Advanced Certificate) with the Royal College of Surgeons, London.  This qualification is considered to be the ‘gold standard’ in implant training and demonstrates the highest level of clinical practice.

Adam is a clinical coach for Straumann Dental implants, mentoring other dentists in the surgical and restorative phases of implant care.  He also lectures widely on dental implants and conscious sedation. 

Adam is an active member of the International Team for Implantology (ITI) and Association of Dental Implantology and subscribes to their strict protocols for patient care and has lectured at their meetings.

Conscious Sedation Qualified and Trainer

Adam completed the Diploma in Conscious Sedation (Dip Con Sed Ncle) in 2008 at Newcastle University. He runs the Yorkshire Sedation Training, which provides training courses in intravenous sedation for other dentists as well as in house training for larger organisations such as Primary Care Trusts and corporate dental organisations. Adam is passionate about the management of anxious patients and he enjoys passing on his skills to other professionals in the field of dental anxiety.  

Dentists from across the North of England refer their patients to him for dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and sedation, and dental implant surgeons refer their complex implant cases. 

GDC Registration No: 71952

Qualified in the U.K.

Celebrating 5000 Implants!

Dr Adam Glassford is celebrating placing his 5000th dental implant with a 98.9% success rate!

Having started placing dental implants 15 years ago, Adam now receives referrals from across the UK for even the most complex dental implant cases, including Maxgraft alveolar ridge augmentation, using 3D CAD/CAM technology.

Dr Andrea Ubhi said: “Adam Glassford is one of the most highly experienced implant surgeons in the UK.  However along with this wealth of experience, he combines solid ethics with exceptional quality, having an enviable success rate of 98.9%.  As a team, we are excited to celebrate this enormous achievement with him.”

Question and Answers with Adam Glassford:

Q. Why did you go into implant dentistry?

A.  Adam Glassford:

I’ve been qualified for 22 years and worked very much as a general dentist for the first 7 of those before undertaking additional training in dental implantology. During this time, I regularly came across frustrating situations such as failing post-crowns, troublesome dentures, gaps that would need damaging bridgework to fill - hence me starting on the road to offering implants as a healthier, more predictable and often more ethical solution.

Also as a student I always seemed to have an aptitude for oral surgery and in fact won the oral surgery prize at graduation. This aptitude naturally lends itself to surgical implant work and I now mentor several colleagues in surgical and restorative implant dentistry. It’s gratifying to see their own skills grow through close mentoring.

Q. Why do you love implant dentistry?

A.  For me, implant dentistry offers unique solutions to people’s problems and it is extremely satisfying to be able to improve people’s quality of life using my skills. Most patients that I see would end up with dentures or damaging bridgework if we were unable to use implants as we do.

Also, dental implants work!  They solve problems and implant patients are very appreciative of the improvements we make to their quality of life.

Q. What has been the key to your success?

A. If I could pass on advice to ANY dentist, it would be to always act in the patient’s interests not your own. Always do the best by each and every patient, treat them as you would wish to be treated, provide the highest quality care with no compromises and the rest just follows.

Q. What issues worry you in dentistry at the moment?

A. I have a big problem with people treating dentistry as a ‘sales’ industry. Sure, we charge for our work but ‘upselling’ and maximising profit can sometimes come at the expense of patient care. My motto is - do the job well and the rest is easy.

Q. What are your top tips for a dentist wanting to be an implant dentist?

A. Firstly, work ethically. Remember there are many ‘tools in the box’ and implant treatment is just one of them. Study all areas of dentistry so you’re fair when considering options for patients. I’d suggest any dentist needs a minimum of 5 years general dental experience before starting out on the implant path. Also, you need to be very skilled at extracting teeth whilst not losing bone.  It’s a skill that many dentists struggle with.

Next, I’d say, hook up with a good local implant dentist and start out by restoring implants that they place. This way you will see what makes for a good restoration and where the implants need to go. It’s far more about where the fixtures are placed than simply drilling holes in bone.

Then I’d suggest enrolling on a long course of study. There are several excellent year long implant courses around and one I can highly recommend is The Campbell Academy who provide excellent teaching as well as hands on patient treatment as part of the course.

Adam is co-author of "The Essential guide to Dental Implants - Learn Insider Secrets and Avoid Costly Mistakes," with Dr Andrea Ubhi. ​

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