Dentures can be awkward to live with, creating diffiiculties when we are talking and eating.  And sometimes they just look....false. 

Our Clincial Dental Technician hand-crafts beautiful dentures - both full and partial dentures - with the latest technology and with the highest quality teeth and aesthetics.  This results in natural looking teeth, with optimised function and fit. You can look great and bite and chew well too!

We tailor your dentures to suit you, and your facial shape. They are carefully crafted for a natural appearance, and fitted to enhance the fullness of your lips and face. Having made-to-measure and properly fitted dentures will greatly enhance your facial and dental aesthetics, as well as significantly improving their functionality.

With an iDenture, we can do more than just replace your missing teeth. We’ll help you achieve the look and feel you deserve, and get you back to doing everything you love!

  • Make-over your smile
  • Restore your confidence
  • Enhance your appearance
  • Proven, long-lasting durability 

Consultation FREE.  Biofunctional Denture from £800.



World Class Techniques

Benefits of iDentures

Injection Moulded

Your iDenture will be injection moulded using the latest production technology to ensure a precise fit which is comfortable.

Impact Resistant

Your iDenture will be produced using the latest Ivoclar Vivadent impact resistant denture material, ensuring strength and piece of mind.

Individual Function & Fit

Your iDenture will be produced with superior bespoke function and fit for the upmost comfort in the your mouth.

Unique Characterisation

Your iDenture will be finished with life like characteristics, replicating true to nature aesthetics.

Clinical Denture Technician, James Baker

With James, we have the best of two worlds. Firstly, James is a qualified Dental Technician and is highly experienced in constructing dentures in the laboratory. Secondly, he is clinically qualified as a Clinical Dental Technician (CDT), so he works in practice with patients. Combining these two skills gives astonishing results. James works directly with patients at the chairside, and then creates the dentures himself in the dental laboratory using advanced denture materials.

James has over 16 years’ experience in the dental technology field. James qualified as a Dental Technician in 2007 from Leeds Dental Institute. James qualified as a CDT through the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh and has completed the Ivoclar iDenture course. GDC no:151659. Qualified in U.K.

Summary of Options for Patients Missing All Their Teeth

For a more advanced solution, dentures can be fixed in place securely with dental implants (overdentures), allowing the dentures to be made much smaller and with minimal coverage of the roof of the mouth. The dentures are still removable for cleaning, however when clipped onto the implants, they are secure so you can bite into apples and chew steak without worrying.

You can even replace your dentures altogether with a full set of fixed permanent teeth known as full jaw dental implants, or with a fixed bridge, so that you never need to worry about your teeth moving again.

The Five Steps to Beautiful Teeth