Confidence With Dental Implants

If you have had teeth removed due to injury or tooth decay and now have missing teeth or dentures, you may feel self-conscious or embarrassed about eating, laughing, smiling or chewing.  You may fear that your denture may slip or come loose.  

We are a highly experienced and award winning team. We are the leading provider in the North of quality Swiss Straumann implants, a world leading manufacturer in implants, giving a lifetime* fixture guarantee.   

Your dental comfort will be restored, and you will have your confidence back.  Enjoy life to the full.


No More Dentures!

You will not need dentures ever again and your teeth will be permanently fixed in place. 

Bite and Chew Securely and Confidently

You will be able to bite into an apple again and chew steak. You will be able to laugh freely knowing that your teeth are fixed securely in place.

Look and Feel Better

Missing teeth result in significant bone loss. The lips and teeth lose support, and the skin may sag.  Implant secured teeth are placed in the optimum position to fully fill out your lips and cheeks, restoring lost facial volume.

Taste Better

You will be able to taste your food fully as the roof of your mouth will remain uncovered, unlike when wearing a traditional denture, so your sense of taste will return to normal so that you can truly enjoy all the foods you love!

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Your Guarantee of Quality


5 year guarantee of your restorations. LIFETIME Straumann guarantee of your implant fixture. Ts and Cs apply.

The Leading Straumann Provider in the North

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