Dental Implant Price Guide



Your consultation will be with one of our team of dental implant surgeons and will take approx 30 mins. We have a dedicated Dental Implant Coordinator, who will discuss the costs and finance options with you after the surgeon has met with you. You will be given a treatment report with definite costs of the options discussed, so there are no hidden surprises.

CT Scan from £95-£195

To make a full assessment, a CT scan may be necessary and you may be asked if you would like that taking at the initial consultation appointment, if not, approximate costs can be given to you at this stage. Then if you choose to proceed further, the CT scan can be taken at a second appointment and definite costs can be given to you at this stage. The scan shows precisely how much bone is present and if the bone levels are reduced, whether bone grafting is necessary or whether new high technology smaller dental implants would be possible.

Single Dental Implant from £2450

A single dental implant is a precision-made, hard wearing, titanium tooth root with an extension called an abutment, which is fixed to the implant and a custom-made crown is fitted over it. This is the total cost including the fixture, abutment and crown.

Multiple Dental Implants from £3250

If you have more than one missing tooth in a row, we may insert two or more titanium implants and then ‘span’ the gap between them with a custom made bridge.


  • For two missing teeth in a row, it may be possible to replace this with one implant with a two tooth bridge fixed on this:        from £3250
  • For three missing teeth in a row, it may be possible to replace this with two implants with a three tooth bridge fixed on this: from £5420
  • For four missing teeth in a row, it may be possible to replace this with two implants with a four tooth bridge fixed on this:     from £5995

Implant-Secured Full Fixed Bridge from £13,800

Where all the teeth in a jaw are missing, a minimum of four implants can be placed and a full fixed bridge can be secured permanently, eliminating the need for a denture.

Implant-Secured Full Denture 

  • Using an existing denture (if possible) from £3800
  • With a new denture                              from £4950

A full denture usually requires a minimum of two dental implants in the lower jaw and four in the upper jaw.

The implant-retained denture is smaller than a traditional denture and does not cover the roof of the mouth, allowing improved sensation and taste.

Payment Options

We offer easy payment options including spreading payments over your the time it takes for your treatment and finance options through Shawbrook finance, including:

6- 12months at 0% finance

24-60 months at 9.9% finance

We can help you complete a simple online finance application at your consultation, or you can do this at home through a link we can email you.  You receive an application decision within minutes of submitting.

Further Questions?

Please call one of our two dedicated Dental Implant Advisor, Carmel, for a no-obligation chat on our dedicated Dental Implant Advice line: 01904 890111, and they will be happy to discuss your questions further.

Please note we require a £30 refundable deposit to secure the consultation appointment. This is refunded on attending; however is non-refundable if the appointment is missed or cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment. Thank you for your understanding.