“When I was younger, I’d always had really nice teeth, but over the years, they got worse and worse, until my teeth looked so bad and felt so wobbly, they felt like they were all going to fall out. I was always so conscious of what I could eat when I went out for meals. I was paranoid that I would knock one of them out. I couldn’t bite at the front and they were flaring out.

(Photo - before treatment)

The last year before I had my teeth sorted, in photos, you would not see my teeth. I didn’t smile. It was overtaking my life and I hated them.It got to the stage when I was so down about it.

I never thought I’d be able to afford implants. You read all these different things and I thought there’s no way I can afford that. I thought I’d need one implant per tooth and knew how expensive that might be, but I didn’t realise that there are many different options.

Anyway, my dentist referred me.  Before I came in, I said to my husband, I bet I can’t have implants as I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

When I came to the implant consultation, I felt quite anxious and worked up. Then everything was explained.  I asked: “So I can have implants?” and Dr Glassford said yes! I just couldn't believe it and I was on a high. Then it was discussed that I could have them on finance, I couldn’t believe that I could afford them either.  At the end of this same year, they will be paid for.

First, I had to have all of my old (failing) teeth out.  I had all my treatment under sedation, and that was great. I just remember Adam talking to me, then remember just as he was finishing. But it didn’t register to have so many teeth out, that your gums swell. I was in bed for a full day. It took about 5 days for the swelling to go down, then the immediate denture fit, and I loved it.

I remember a week after that first appointment, I never looked back.

If anyone was in a similar situation to me, I would tell them not to panic, just give yourself a few days after your old teeth have been taken out. Just give your mouth time to let the swelling go down. Taking teeth out is worse than putting them back in!  Having my old teeth out was the worst part of the whole procedure.

After this all the treatment was brilliant.

When I had the implants placed, I don’t remember anything about that because of sedation!

Now I have my implants, I feel a million times better.  It’s given me a whole new lease of life. I love having my photo taking. I can go to a restaurant and have anything I want to eat.

It has made a difference to my confidence. Before, I used to feel that people were looking at my bad teeth. Now people say, “Your teeth are mint, we can’t stop looking at them!”

My family is so proud of me.

There is no soreness now. There is nothing that I can’t eat.

I am so, so glad I had it done.

It’s changed my whole life.”


Shirley Harton,

Patient of Dr. Adam Glassford

Shirley's story is featured in the new book, "The Essential Guide to Dental Implants - Learn Insider Secrets and Avoid Costly Mistakes" by Dr. Andrea Ubhji With Dr. Adam Glassford, available on Amazon. All proceeds go to Asha Nepal, supporting trafficking survivors. www. asha-nepal.org