Teeth Straightening WIth Dr Remo Costi

"From being a young teenager I had always hated my teeth – my top teeth were really uneven and off centre. I have always been extremely self-conscious about my teeth and would often cover my smile with my hand or tongue. I found meetings at work difficult as I felt very inferior of other people and their perfect smiles. What Dr Costi can do with some piece of metal and some rubber bands is nothing short of a miracle. Within a matter of months, I had the perfect row of teeth, so much so that it put my bottom teeth; which I thought were straight, to shame, so part way through my treatment, Dr Costi worked his magic on those as well. Dr Costi’s professionalism, creativity and strive for perfection, has given me the smile that I’ve always dreamed of. With my new smile, I feel like a different person! I get complimented all the time about my teeth. My confidence has gone through the roof, long one is the hand hiding my smile. My only regret is not having it done sooner!"