Invisalign Braces For Miss England

“I wanted the perfect Hollywood smile and with my job it is so, so important for your teeth to be perfect. So many models have wonky teeth and you just can’t get picked for certain work. My teeth had moved a bit with my old orthodontist. Invisalign has completely changed my smile and I am so pleased.

It was really, really easy and simple, very un-noticeable and people would say to me “Oh have you had your teeth done?”- when it was in. They thought that I had had veneers or something, but no I had the brace in. It makes your teeth quite shiny. I found it a very convenient way to close gaps within your teeth.

I’m so pleased with the end results. Not only was it an easy process, it was such a pleasant one. I had the wonderful team helping me along the way, and they were very, very nice to me.

I’m over the moon with the results. I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so good as you can’t imagine that such a tiny bit of plastic could do so much, but it has. I am so pleased.”

Georgia Horsley, Invisalign treatment at Andrea Ubhi Dentistry

Miss England 2007, married to Danny Jones of McBusted.