Beautiful and Optimally Functioning Dentures

Dentures can be awkward to live with, creating diffiiculties when we are talking and eating.  And sometimes they just look....false. 

Our Specialist Matt Gahan and the clinical team make beautifully crafted dentures with the latest technology and the highest quality teeth and aesthetics.  This results in natural looking teeth, with optimised function and fit. You can look great and bite and chew well too!

We tailor your dentures to suit you and your facial shape. They are carefully crafted for a natural appearance and fitted to enhance the fullness of your lips and face. Having made-to-measure and properly fitted dentures will greatly enhance your facial and dental aesthetics as well as significantly improving their functionality.

Two World Class Techniques

Biofunctional Prosthetic System

The Biofunctional Prosthetic System by Ivoclar Vivodent uses some of the highest quality materials, with highly accurate impression taking and correct bite registration, using a Gnarthometer/gothic arch tracing. We  produce a functional and natural looking denture. Using world class Ivoclar Vivodent Phonare 2 teeth, the dentures are processed using the Ivobase injection mould system. The finished prosthesis is then customised with Nexco composite. 

Dr Jiro Abe Suction Denture - Japanese Technology

The concept of the suction denture was developed by Dr Jiro Abe in Japan.  The technique focuses on creating a seal around the base of the full lower denture enabling suction and providing a secure fit. The suction-effective mandibular precision impression uses a closed-mouth functional impression technique. 

Natural Looking Teeth

We use Ivoclar Vivodent Phonare 2 teeth and together we will choose the size, shape and colour of your new teeth.

Squarer teeth give a bolder look, rounder teeth give a softer look, flatter tips look more mature, and rounder tips with more translucent edges look more youthful.  Bigger teeth suit broader smiles and people with bigger frames, whereas smaller teeth suit narrower faces or people with more petite bone structure. 

And with 20 different colour shades to choose from, from bleach shades to mature yellows, all with a harmonious distribution of translucency, opalescence and fluorescence, there is a colour to suit every personality. 

Optimum Facial Aesthetics

Bone shrinks after teeth are lost, so we position the denture teeth with your lips and cheeks properly supported, reducing any sagging and wrinkles.

The shrinking bone also reduces the vertical face height, casuing the jaw to look short and thin. Aesthetic dentures can be created to restore the face height to the correct position, creating optimum fullness to the face and lips.

Our Aesthetic Denture Team

Specialist Prosthodontist Matt Gahan

Dr Matthew Gahan BChD, MFDS RCS, MSc, FDS (Rest Dent) RCS Edin is a specialist in Prosthodontics, the study of replacing missing teeth. 

He has been an NHS Consultant in Restorative Dentistry at York Hospital since 2010 where he established the Restorative Dentistry department. He has a Masters in Restorative Dentistry and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Matthew is highly respected and has given numerous lectures and written articles in dental journals. 

Matthew is passionate about restoring full function to patients with missing teeth and provides dentures with the option of securing them with dental implants. 

World Class Denture Technicians

Our Aesthetic Full Dentures are made with modern technology with world class Denture Technicians. Together we provide excellent functionality with the correct bite so you can chew well. We create dentures with the ideal distribution of oral forces, resulting in improved fit, comfort and retention. And of course, they look natural and beautiful!

For a more advanced solution, dentures can be fixed in place securely with dental implants (overdentures), allowing the dentures to be made much smaller and with minimal coverage of the roof of the mouth. The dentures are still removable for cleaning, however when clipped onto the implants, they are secure so you can bite into apples and chew steak without worrying.

You can even replace your dentures altogether with a full set of fixed permanent teeth with full jaw dental implants with a fixed bridge, so that you never need to worry about your teeth moving again.

Treatment with Specialist Matthew Gahan:

Aesthetic Full Dentures (upper and lower) from £1995.

Complex Aesthetic Full Dentures (upper and lower) from £2995.

Together we can create a smile that you can be proud of and most importantly, one that enables you to live a happy and healthy life. 

To arrange a FREE consultation with Specilaist Matthew Gahan, call 01904 639667 and arrange your no-obligation appointment now.