Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants?

Dental ImplantsDental implants are titanium replacements for missing teeth, they are used to fix a ceramic tooth (crown or bridge) permanently in position. Dental implants are also used to hold dentures in position to increase chewing power and eliminate the risk of a denture slipping during eating.

Dental implants can improve quality of life: they improve chewing efficiency, comfort and appearance. Implants increase your confidence and provide an unequalled sense of security.

We've answered a few questions on this website about replacing missing teeth with dental implants, but to find out more please download our free and comprehensive guide to a confident smile by replacing your missing teeth.

How are they placed?

Having an implant involves a small operation performed under a local anaesthetic. If you can cope with a filling you can cope with an implant. However, some patients choose to have sedation during the procedure.

Many patients report very little discomfort and most are back to normal within a few days.

How long do they last?

Dental implant treatment is now recognised as one of the longest lasting and most predictable forms of tooth replacement.

Research shows 90% of implants to be fine after 15 years of use, most implants last longer than this.

You can promote the success of your dental implants through a healthy diet, avoiding smoking and maintaining good oral hygiene.

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